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Getting to Mercer Lake 

Q. What's the address to Mercer Lake?

A. Mercer Lake is right off of Fairfax County Parkway. If you're coming from Fairfax County Parkway it's .05 miles. The closest physical address I can find is 8850 Hooes Rd, Springfield, VA 22153. You can plug this address in and it will get you close to the parking. I've added some screenshots below to help you find the parking lot. It's a tiny parking lot that holds about 10 cars. You will turn onto Hooes rd from Fairfax County Parkway and it's less than a three minute drive. If you're coming from Fairfax County,

the parking lot will be on your right side.  

You can click on this link for Google Maps

Q. Where do we meet?

A. I'll meet you at the entrance of the small parking lot. 

Q. What if I need to reach you the day of the session?

A. You can call me on my cell at 202-600-8595. 









Mercer Lake Springfield, VA

Beautiful long path with overhanging trees. 

Image of parking lot.jpg
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