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 Fall Schedule 2020

This year due to Covid-19 I've tried to pick places that are open and gives us plenty of space to have our sessions and be comfortable.





September 19th (Saturday morning) Washington National Cathedral in DC. All sessions booked. 

September 19th (Saturday afternoon) Bon Air Park, Arlington, VA All sessions booked.


September 20th (Sunday morning) Montrose Park, Washington DC All sessions booked.

September 26th (Saturday morning ) Old Town, Alexandria, VA All sessions booked.

September 26th (Saturday afternoon) Mercer Lake, Springfield, VA All sessions booked.


September 27th (Sunday morning) McGrillis Gardens, Bethesda, MD All sessions booked.

September 27th (Sunday afternoon) Montrose Park, Washington, DC All sessions booked.

October 3rd (Saturday) Washington National Cathedral All sessions booked.

October 4th (Sunday morning) Old Town Alexandria, VA All sessions booked.

October 4th (Sunday afternoon) Bon Air Park, Arlington, VA

October 10th (Saturday morning) Montrose Park, Washington, DC  All sessions booked.

October 10th (Saturday afternoon) Mercer Lake, Springfield, VA  All sessions booked.

October 11th (Sunday morning) Bon Air Park, Arlington, VA.  All sessions booked.

October 11th (Sunday afternoon) Jones Point, Alexandria, VA  All sessions booked.


October 17th (Saturday) Washington National Cathedral All sessions booked.


October 18th (Sunday morning) McGrillis Gardens, Bethesda All sessions booked.

October 18th (Sunday afternoon) Jones Point, Alexandria, VA All sessions booked.


October 24th (Saturday) National Cathedral, Washington DC All sessions booked.

October 25th (Sunday) location to be determined. All sessions booked.

October 31st (Saturday) All sessions booked. 

November 1st (Sunday afternoon) All sessions booked.

November 7th (Saturday) All sessions booked. 

November 8th (Sunday) All sessions booked.

November 14th (Saturday) All sessions booked. 

November 15th (Sunday) All sessions booked.

November 21st (Saturday) Sessions available.

November 22nd (Sunday) All sessions booked.

**If all sessions fill up I will open up more time slots. If there is a day you wanted but is not available because all sessions are full, send me an email and we can look at options. 

If there is another location you would like close to where I will be that day let me know. 

Email me the location and date you would like along with a preference of morning, afternoon, and if you would like a full or mini session by clicking the link below.

**Mini sessions are only provided at these locations. Full sessions are open to location changes based on my availability.


If you've enjoyed working with Hassan Malik Photography, please let your friends know. Once your referral books their first session with me, you'll also receive a $25 credit for your use on any future sessions.

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